A bit about me.....

My name is Tiffany Tuinder, I'm 21 years old. I'm a Junior here at The University South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education in hopes to become a Second Grade Teacher. I have the best, supportive parents, Steve and Charlotte Tuinder. Two older brothers, Chris and Robert. I have 4 nieces and nephews, Nickolas, Adrianna, Brody and Allie-Grace. They are my world. I love to be outdoors rather it be four-wheeler riding, fishing, playing softball or just sitting on my back porch.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


a picture of a caution sign saying fun ahead
Who say s you can't have fun and learn at the same time? I believe that students who are up moving around having fun learn better than those who sit all day. So my students will have fun in my classroom. They will be up moving around doing projects together or playing games. Games? Yes, you can incorporate games into learning. How? I will incorporate games for different subjects that will teach the students what needs to be taught but without their butts falling asleep. For example, a game for spelling, would be *Sparkle*, this is where all the students stand up, start spelling word that's on their spelling list, each student says the next letter of the word and when the word is all spelled out the last person says sparkle, then the person behind them are out. You do this with all the spelling words. It's competition who ever wins gets to pick from the surprise box. Students will want to get up and spell these words right. You can do this with any subject, it's a way to get the students up and moving around, so that they aren't bored all day. You have to remember if your bored as a teacher, then your students are surely bored as well. So no more sitting in that sit they need to get up and have some fun!


a chalk board that states extra credit with stick figures on it
I loved getting extra credit points when I was in school, who doesn't? As a teacher, my students will always have an opportunity to pull up their grades by doing extra credit. I will think of fun, creative ways to get my students up and thinking so the can earn their extra credit. For example, one of the extra credit points can be received by doing something like this. I will post three, Daily Oral Language, DOL, sentence on the board each morning. This sentence will contain grammatical errors,capitalization,and punctuation errors. Whom ever raises their hand first will get a chance to go to the board and make all corrections on the board. If they get it right they get extra credit, simple as that. I enjoyed doing this in my English class with Mrs. Hill. This way teachers aren't just handing out extra credit but the students are working for it.


a drawing in black and red that say I love blogging
I really like the idea of blogging, so for my future students I will incorporate blogging into my curriculum and have them do a blog assignment each week. I will assign each student a topic to research and write about. I will also encourage them to post a comment on their other classmates blogs. This assignment will be good for writing assignments and I think it will boost their confidence in writing when their classmates comment on what they have to say. I will assign one blog for each week and it will be due every Friday. I will have a list of topics that the students can choose from and they can pick which ever interest them. Blogging is a great way to let the students feel a since of freedom, of having their own blog page.


a picture of a classroom that is decorated in safari animals
I have always loved walking into a classroom, looking all around and the whole room be so colorful, and always be decorated; not only by the teacher but by the students as well. It brings character to the classroom. As a teacher I will incorporate creative projects not only for me to do but as well as my students so that our classroom will be the best on the hallway. I do not want any plain walls or dull paint in my classroom, so that will be a project every year for all my new students to do, it will be a great way for everyone to meet everyone and have fun during the first week of school! We as teacher need to spice things up, go the extra mile, and have fun decorating that boring ole classroom with your students.